Special attractions

Special attractions

Something for seasoned party animals! For people with exceptional imagination and those with unconventional requirements! Below, we present a number of original attractions that can add to and diversify your celebration! If you want something special at your wedding reception – we recommend choosing at least one of them!


We have 2 animators for children – a man and a woman. They can work in a duet or individually. They provide care and great time with your children. They animate dancing, fitness and creative games. In that time, the kids socialize – regardless of whether it is a distant family or they are strangers to each other. Together, they sing, dance, draw, write letters, build towers from blocks, blow huge bubbles, play with a klanza sheet and gumizel. Our animators can also conduct workshops – incl. chemical, Harry Potter animations, Minecraft, jewelry making and much more!


A popular wedding attraction, consisting of setting up a special booth in which the guests and the bride & groom can take unforgettable photos of themselves with the use of various gadgets. We offer our photo booth in several hourly variants: 2-5 hours. It is distinguished by, among others unlimited number and unrivaled quality of photos, friendly and professional team, a set of gadgets (masks, hats, glasses, gadgets on sticks, inscriptions). It is probably the most beautiful photo booth on the market, created according to a hand-made project!


The first dance is a special moment! It is worth making sure that it is unique. Many couples train their dance routine for several weeks. It can be surprising, including film or cabaret motifs. Our clients’ fantasies are unbridled, and we strive to help prepare this special moment. An increasingly popular theme is the first dance, consisting of 2 or more songs. We can prepare such a mix with smooth transitions in the right moments. You will receive it in advance and you will be able to prepare your routine perfectly!


This attraction is perfect for wedding receptions! Modeled after popular photo booths, but it is something completely different. We come to your event with a small mobile recording studio (recorder, mini-soundproofing reflection filter, computer program, headphones). We place them in a convenient place and encourage our guests to record their wishes for the bride and groom. Then we pass the vocals to the DJ who plays these recordings between songs in the form of “radio” jingles. We can also give you recorded wishes as a souvenir after the wedding!


Karaoke is a very popular party attraction, integrating its participants, causing them to smile and out them in a positive mood. Sometimes also an unlimited source of laughter. Who doesn’t have a lot of fun singing together after a few drinks? We offer you a professional karaoke at your wedding! The service includes: animating people by a professional singer, a projection set with a screen on which the lyrics are displayed, and a professional karaoke program – iSing Pro.


This is our magical attraction, perfect for retro or slow weddings. It is based on the fact that our DJ brings a box with analog vinyl records with him, and the guests come, browse through the vinyls and choose songs that they then dedicate to someone. Uncle Jurek for aunt Marzenka, best man/maid of honor for bride and groom, the bride for her parents – everyone can order their dedication! We fire these vinyls on our DJ turntables, turn on the disco ball that reflects the lights on the entire room and for an hour we party to the songs of your choice!


If during the wedding you want to surprise your parents, grandparents or you are best man or witness and you want to surprise the bride and groom – we recommend a video with dedications! It should be short (usually a few minutes), attractively edited, touching or funny. It is shown at a chosen moment of the event – e.g. during cake servicing or thanks for parents. We can make it: record it with you and edit it or put together the materials received from you. Such a wedding surprise will surely surprise your loved ones and bring a joyful smile to their faces!


We offer you a spectacular, original wedding attraction, which is a professional laser show! A few minutes of a spectacular luminous show with historical motifs, cool background music, entering the bride and groom into the heart-shaped light, etc. We can show it outside or inside the venue. Our additional technical team conducts them. The show lasts from a few to several minutes and is a great alternative, for example, to a firework show or releasing lanterns.


In addition to music, our DJ can also mix music videos! With the use of a projector or – in the premium version – on a special screen placed in a DJ humpter. Just like songs mixed together, music videos transition seamlessly from one to the other. Such a show may last an hour, two or even several hours – all depending on your preferences. Thanks to VJ sets you will surely positively surprise your guests!


If you are looking for a unique, completely original attraction for your wedding, it can be a beatboxer performance. Beatbox is the art of imitating the sound of musical instruments with the mouth. Our beatboxer is a two-time Polish champion in this field and a participant in the World Beatbox Championships. At your wedding, he can perform unique beatbox arrangements using a looper and vocal synthesizer. They can also create a unique live song for you or animate unforgettable games with the participation of guests.


An exclusive attraction, popular e.g. at company conferences, mainly from the new technologies industry. With the help of a special technique of scanning characters and projection devices, someone who is physically absent appears at the party. Or the person suddenly “clones” themselves. Imagine that the wedding guests in the hall are greeted by the figures of the bride and groom, and suddenly… the real bride and groom enter through the main door! Total surprise! Using this special technology operated by our team, we can display a hologram of any person at your event!


A spectacular technique of superimposing two-dimensional light animations on a three-dimensional object – e.g. the facade of a wedding hall or a white wedding cake. It allows, for example, to achieve the effect of repainting a given object or displaying photos of the bride and groom, specific sentences, changing images. Our technical team comes with special projectors used for the production of this type of show. We have dozens of such projects in our resume. Ask us for details and a quote according to your idea!