International, theme events, etc.

International, theme events, etc.

We specialize in organizing of international weddings – both in Poland and abroad. They constitute nearly 40% of all our orders. We organized wedding receptions, among others, in Berlin or in the Austrian Alps. Our team includes announcers who speak different languages, which makes bilingual events a pleasure and a great intercultural experience for us. We organized weddings in Polish-Chinese, -Korean, -Peruvian, -Brazilian, -Canadian, -South African, and for almost all European nationalities. We include various subtleties and customs from a given country.


Bilingual weddings are our strong suit! We have already organized several hundred international events – for people from many countries. We can conduct the event in 8 languages – Polish, English, German, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Italian & Spanish. We have English speaking DJs and MCs running the event in selected languages, solo or duo. In such a duet, our main MC speaks Polish, and the other person co-hosts the event and translates into a second language. We eagerly reach for musical and cultural motifs from other countries, incorporating local customs into wedding reception scenarios.


We organized weddings abroad! We were responsible for full logistics (transport of people and equipment, assembly), music and technical setting. We worked, for example, in the Alps in a restaurant located over 1000 km above sea level to which led a narrow, curvy, mountain road. We worked in Berlin and Great Britain. If for any reason you are organizing a wedding outside Poland, and you expect a great team from our country – we recommend Stylowe! Such projects are subject to a separate valuation and terms and conditions in order to ensure your 100% satisfaction with the service.


A wedding without alcohol requires an appropriate conduct. It is very important that an experienced team do it to make the guests forget that there is no alcohol at the party. We have several party rockers in our team specializing in entertaining a non-drinking company! We have carried out many non-alcoholic events, workshops and animations, where no additional “motivation” was needed. We have many original solutions that will turn your non-alcoholic event into a wild party or a party with a very nice mood.


If you have an idea for a wedding in the style of, for example, latino-bachata, rock-shanties, disco-funky or with movie motifs – we will be happy to undertake such a challenge! We will choose the right music. We have a team of DJs specialized in certain genres, so the perfect one will be selected for your party. We will conduct the wedding with the right attitude, using characteristic phrases, quotes from the period or selected films, etc. We will pick appropriate the lighting colors, effects (such as smoke, bubbles or disco balls), and we will hang garlands.


We provide a complete setting for wedding ceremonies. We conduct outdoor weddings in gardens, alcoves and on piers. Thanks to wireless speaker systems, we provide sound everywhere! We offer music played from computer or performed live by a saxophonist, violinist, guitarist, singer or… the whole band. We offer a sound system for the ceremony, special effects (e.g. bubbles) and technical service. We can also conduct a humanistic wedding, during which our announcer with acting experience will “pronounce you husband and wife” according to a specially prepared scenario!


Our team conducts not only weddings, but also all special events, animations, festivals, concerts and many other forms of events. So if you need a DJ or a band for the afterparty, New Year’s Eve, prom, birthday, special event, or a DJ party rocker for a house or club party, outdoor party – we will happily do it! We can also play at a hen or bachelor party. We play in various configurations and we have extensive experience in the implementation of various types of events!


We have been organizing events and workshops for companies for 10+ years. Our specialty is a combo: teambuilding workshops and an afterparty. We amplify, illuminate, lead, play. For small teams as well as during conferences with high attendance. We offer integration workshops based on cooperation and creative competition. Our classes include DJ-ing, beatboxing, vocal and voice emission, rap and lyrics battles, street-art, songwriting, dance, fashion … We have a long list of corporate entities we worked with.